01 tmw you realize it’s the new year

realize it's the new yearIt’s the new year! And if you’re anything like us, setting and refining your goal list can be daunting.

We know what it’s like to get lost when trying to decide what to do for the next year, or even just the next month. So we’ve got a game plan for you and for us!

In this episode we discuss how to come up with the goals that you’ll not only be more likely to smash with success, but we will help you come up with goals you’ll want to achieve because they mean something to you. Not because its been a goal of yours for 5 years and you just keep putting it on your list out of habit.

So here’s to our future success!



Show Notes:

[00:12]  Happy/Crappy

  • A segment where we discuss a happy moment of the week and a crappy moment of the week to bring a little mindfulness to our lives.

[02:24]  Word of the Month

  • Coo – cool but without the ‘l’
  • Serendipity – a happy accident

[06:45]  Goals – how to generate and refine

  • [07:14] start with your values
  • [08:21] what are the thing I want from life start from the end goal and work backward
  • [10:25] how many goals to have at a time
  • [13:08] how to manage feeling overwhelmed with your goals
  • [14:25] where to start if you don’t know where to start goals
  • [16:05] what makes me angry must be breaking my values



“We all have these lofty goals. We can’t become millionaires over night so its good to focus on what we can achieve in the current moment until we get to a place where we can even think about the loftier goals.” 14:02

“I know that its something I’m going to do and achieve if when I’m talking about it I’m passionate about it, I’m excited about it. I’m just ready and waiting to get started on it.” 15:54

“The things you struggle through are the things you become passionate about and are often the things that you can make better.” 17:23


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Intro music: Happy Whistle by Scott Holmes

Outro music:  Romantic Folk Loop by Twisterium