02 tmw your new year needs new motivation

realize it's the new year

Now you have goals. But how can you be sure to stick to them?

Listen as we discuss ways to see those goals  through to the finish line and push through our motivational blocks.

Show Notes:

[01:04]  Happy/Crappy

[04:25]  Risk it to Get the Biscuit – a segment where we try something new and different!

  • bullet journal
  • egg donation

[12:46]  Goals – how to achieve your goals

  • [13:07] first step – break the goal into smaller steps
  • [16:45] motivation
  • [17:00] scheduling
  • [19:20] accountability

[26:37]  Recap


Significant quotes:

“Make the steps something you’re proud to reach.” 14:03

“You need to enjoy your time working toward [your] goal.” 14:25

“It’s good to have these steps too, as you achieve them too, as your working on them to remind yourself of the greater goal, the light at the end of the tunnel that you’re working on achieving.” 15:51

“Any way you do it is right. There is no incorrect way to go about living your life; there is no incorrect way to go about achieving your goals.”27:28

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Intro music: Happy Whistle by Scott Holmes

Outro music:  Romantic Folk Loop by Twisterium