The importance of reflecting on your goals

“Reflection is just as important a part of the goal setting process as the goal setting [itself].”

It might seem a little hokey to talk about reflecting on your goals, but it’s a really important part of the whole process.

Think back to all those history lessons where your teacher would prattle on about “If we don’t learn from our mistakes then history is doomed to repeat itself!”

Well, we hate to say it, but your teachers were right. Reflection is the key to seeing what has worked for you in the past and what has only gotten in your way.

It makes sense, right? We all want to know where we’re at with our goals and where we want to go with them in the future.

There is no best time to reflect on your goals, but a good time to start would be after you’ve completed one of your first action steps we talked about last week. It’s the perfect time to evaluate if your goals are too general and if your action steps are realistic.

As Gennavieve mentioned in this weeks episode, it’s also a good idea to pick a date, such as 3 months out, put it on your calendar, and check in with your goals.  Use that day to review the action steps you’ve completed in that time, reflect on tactics you’d employed that had helped you reach milestones, and realize what had been hindering your success and how you can avoid it in the future. You can call it the three “R’s”: review, reflect, and realize.

Reflection is all about letting your feelings and your actions be held accountable for your success.

Do you really want to be able to run a marathon? Or is that a goal that you had 3 years ago that isn’t relevant anymore?

If you don’t feel excited or motivated about a goal, that’s a pretty big clue that it’s probably not that important to you. It may have once been important, but like we learned our first year of college when our major changed after 3 weeks, changing priorities is a part of life. Don’t be afraid to let your goals reflect that.

winstons sparkle gif

We reflect on our goals to make sure our goals mean something to our current selves, not the self we wished we would be 5 years ago. Things change and its okay to let our goals really show who we want to be. No one else has to see these goals. Let that list reflect who you really want to be!

It’s also the perfect way to be sure that your action steps are reasonable, realistic, and achievable. Nothing is worse than seeing a goal you haven’t met still on your to-do list because you set your sights to high.

Make those milestones something you can be proud of when you reach them, but not so lofty that you get disappointed because another week has gone by and you haven’t achieved it. Figuring out that balance is a fine art. You’ll get it!

Now get out that metaphorical hand mirror and take a good look!