04 tmw your goals take the back burner

millennial moments pod logoEven when we’re passionate and driven about our goals, they somehow still manage to fall by the wayside. We simply cannot account for all the things that can or will happen in our lives, so we also should not hold ourselves responsible for unavoidable, or, let’s be honest, sometimes veeerrry avoidable, life events.

Today we talk about what happens when our goals take the back burner, why it’s okay, and how to get back on track without punishing yourself because life happens and there’s nothing we can do about it.

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Show Notes:

[00:30] Happy Crappy

[04:46] Mindful Millennial

  • A segment where we discuss something we are doing to improve ourselves
    • Habit tracking
    • Spending time alone

[14:28] When you lose sight of your goals

[16:12] forgive yourself

[17:36] scheduling to get back on track

[18:40] reflect on why these are your goals to get motivated again

  • What was happening that my goals got sidelined?
  • Where did my time go?
  • What can I do differently going forward?
  • Why is this goal important to me?

[23:16] Recap


Significant Quotes:

“Being hard on yourself is only going to make things worse, and its going to make it harder to get back on track, so be kind to yourself, forgive yourself. Say, okay, I messed up, and move on.” 16:37

“Life gets in the way.” 17:36

“Step one: forgive yourself. Two: you’re planning to pick it back up. Either you’re looking at your goals now or you’ve scheduled time to look at your goals. Three: reflect on where your time went in the last couple of weeks. Why wasn’t your time going towards your goals?” 19:07


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