05 tmw we had math together

millennial moments pod logoThe last week in January has finally arrived! For this strange month with five Tuesdays, we’ve decided to make today’s episode a little more personal.

We delve into our personal histories, how we know each other (we go waaaay back), and why we decided to podcast.

We also go over a few last minute tips and tricks about goals, since it is still technically goal month.

So press play and take a listen!

Show Notes

Tips and Tricks for Sticking to your Goals:

  1. Prioritize your goals
    • Start with the smaller, less time consuming items on your list
    • Start with the items you dread the most
  2. Reward Yourself
    • Make sure you actually deserve it, but a reward will help you stay motivated
  3. Tackle your goals when you feel motivated
    • If you can, and you feel like tackling some of the items on your list, don’t procrastinate!
  4. Stay Calm
    • If you need to throw a super quick tantrum to get here, then by all means, go ahead!


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Intro music: Happy Whistle by Scott Holmes

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