06 tmw mindfulness becomes more than just a buzzword

06 tmw mindfulness becomes more than just a buzzword

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When you have thoughts racing around in your head, it’s hard to think clearly and make the best decisions. That’s where mindfulness comes in.

Both of us went from thinking mindfulness was just another fad to being fans of the practice we have dubbed “the mind squat”.

But seriously, the benefits are crazy! From sleeping better to increased memory to reduced stress, the list goes on and on.

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Show Notes:

[01:09] Happy Crappy

[10:33] Word of the Month

  • Gainsay – declare as untrue
  • Confidence – belief in one’s self

[13:33] Mindfulness

[13:51] Defined

[15:04] What mindfulness means to us

[20:36] Benefits of mindfulness

[25:38] From Cult to Conscious

[29:00] Meditation Apps

[33:45] Thought Dissection and Breath Counting

[37:10] Recap


Significant Quotes:

“What would happen if you stopped thinking this and what would happen if this were true. You kind of really think about it and its a way to be mindful of the thoughts that go in your head and a way to really step back and stop identifying with your thoughts.” 16:07

“Those thoughts don’t define you.” 16:32

“Mindfulness has been extremely helpful just in my day to day life.” 17:24

“[Mindfulness] is a skill. It’s a muscle. You have to exercise it. Pretty soon you just realize it’s stronger. ” 19:28

“Being present in each situation – mindfulness has helped me get there.” 22:16

“You can’t step on a scale and see how far you’ve come with mindfulness practice.” 22:26


Meditation Apps Mentioned:

Headspace – iOS or Android

Stop, Breathe, and Think – iOS or Android

Calm –iOS or Android


Links Mentioned:

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Intro music: Happy Whistle by Scott Holmes

Outro music:  Romantic Folk Loop by Twisterium