07 tmw all you need is (self)love

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Busy days lead to busy nights. Busy weeks lead to busy weekends. But everyone needs a little self-love and self-care because you can’t help anyone else if you aren’t your best you!

We discuss everything from what self-love and self-care is to what to do when you just can’t love that one part of you.

Join in and be sure to tell us what you do for self-care!

Millennial Moments


Show Notes:

[00:45] Happy Crappy

[07:02] Risk it to Get the Biscuit

  • Bullet Journal – eVersion!
  • No makeup

[12:04] Self-Love & Self-Care

[13:05] Defining Self-Care

[16:45] Everyday Self-Care

[19:30] What it means to love yourself

[24:13] Something you can’t change but just can’t love

[26:40] Having a sense of humor

[28:59] Recap


Significant Quotes:

“Take care of yourself and become your own best friend.”

“It’s really easy to not actually listen to your own body and your own needs and just kind of forget about yourself.”13:39

“You need to love yourself and who you are, but you need to take care of your mind.” 14:19

“Someone that I love loves me for that. I might not love it, but someone else loves it.” 14:44

“You don’t have to dress for other people. Or even put on make-up for other people its okay to do it for yourself and do it just because you need to and because it feels good to you.” 17:42

“Its okay to feel bad about yourself, but you are still a really awesome person and you’re still really beautiful even if you feel really lousy right now.” 18:10

“It’s way more empowering to learn to accept our flaws than to fight against it.”22:15

“[Self-Love’s] not easy. It’s not easy to accept your flaws and its not easy to get to a place of acceptance.”27:22


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