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Millennial Review: The Element by Ken Robinson

The element by Ken Robinson was filled with empowering stories of many wealthy and successful individuals. Celebrities, philanthropists, dancers; you name it, Ken Robinson had the story of how that individual came to be so successful at their craft. With so many amazing stories of inspiring people, why didn’t we like it?

Well, as struggling 20-something Millennial’s, none of us are exceptional at any one thing. Yet.

We are all bright, talented, hardworking, and enthusiastic. We throw ourselves whole-heartedly into everything we do, but that doesn’t mean we are going to be the best at whatever that is. Many of the people in Ken Robinson’s book knew exactly what their passion was from a young age and worked toward that one thing their whole lives, with or without the support of their parents and friends, to become the best. That’s great! Inspiring, even! But not the situation most of us are in.


Many of us millennials, especially us here at Millennial Moments, are just struggling to find something we are interested in. Or, rather, we are struggling to find just one thing we are interested in to devote our time to. It seemed that, in The Element, you had to find that one thing you wanted more than anything else, and when you felt that strong feeling of passion, that you will know you have found it, but he gives no suggestions for how to find that thing if you don’t already have some idea of what it is.

And what if that thing you have always wanted to do or be, like being a dancer, requires so many years of experience and has so many extraordinarily talented people in the pool of dancers who have been dancing their whole lives that it doesn’t make sense for you to go after that career any more? Dancing could be a hobby, sure. But if you are just starting to get in to dancing at 25, you are probably a little late to the game.


Ken Robinson mentions this in his book: if your dream was to be an Olympic gymnast, unfortunately that ship has sailed, but he reminds his readers that, most dreams can still be achieved no matter your age. This was the one good piece of advice for his readers. It did actually make me, and my friends, feel a bit better reading that reminder that you have your whole life to figure out what you are passionate about and chase that dream.

But so many of us want to figure out our passion now so we can live the lives we want to be living now and become experts in our fields that we love so much! Will we ever find our passions in that way?


Reading Ken Robinson’s book probably won’t help you find your passion, but it will give you some inspiration to keep searching! Overall, we were really hoping for some more concrete guidance on how to find our passion or where we would be in our “element”, so we will keep searching within ourselves and in other books!

Let us know what you thought about The Element if you were reading along or have read it before! Did it help you find your “Element”? What would you say your element is? We would love to hear any and all opinions on the subject as we are all still desperately searching for ours here at Millennial Moments!