11 tmw there’s too much pressure on passion


We made another booboo, and our audio quality this episode is real bad.

We apologize, but hope you still listen because we it’s packed full of good content. We asked what role passion has in our lives and what we role we think it should have.

Digging deep into this we discovered some things about ourselves and how we really feel about it.

Take a listen!

Millennial Moments


Show Notes:

[01:44] Happy Crappy

[14:24] Risk It to get the Biscuit

[22:25] What role should passion play in your life

[23:11] Defining Passion

[25:12] Have we felt passion

[26:32] Enthusiasm or passion

[27:56] defining passion vs enthusiasm

[31:13] passion commitment-phobe

[35:30] Reflecting on our discussion

[38:10] Recap


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If you’re interested in the book Jess mentions, The 17 Day Diet , check it out and let us know!

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