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13 Millennial Moments Shownotes

Mindful Millennial

What Other People Get Wrong About Passion

  • You’re Going to Find Your Passion by Looking At Your Past
    • Maybe you haven’t been exposed to something
    • Your passions can change over time, just like you!
  • Love everything you do!
    • It’s unrealistic to love everything you do
  • Look at your credit card statements, books, CDs
    • Unrealistic to find a pattern if you’ve been actively searching for your passion
  • Just leap and the net will appear
    • It’s irresponsible to leap without a net
  • Online Passion quizzes
    • Glorified personality quizzes with no actual action plan


Interesting Quotes

“Even if I don’t find passion sometime soon I’m going to enjoy the journey.”7:04

“Looking to the future can be more helpful… than drawing on past experiences.” 17:16

“’Love everything you do” sends the absolute wrong message that if you don’t love everything you’re doing, you’re doing something wrong.” 22:02

“If you’re passion is reflected in your credit card statement, or your book collection or your magazines, or your DVDs, or your CDs, you already know your passion.” 24:38

“At the end of the day, you probably know yourself better than you think.” 32:00

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