Our Favorite (And Least Favorite) Passion Resources

A Google search for “how to find your passion” delivers over 26 million results. With all those results, it’s hard to sift through the advice to find what’s actually helpful and what’s not. In this week’s podcast, we shared a few articles that just did not help us, but we’ve found plenty of resources with great advice to help you on your journey toward finding your passion. Here are some of the very best (and worst).



Here we are, promoting a podcast that isn’t ours, but we have been OBSESSED with Jenna Kutcher’s down-to-earth and honest advice. Her blog is also full of A+ articles and resources to assist you in finding your passion and making it lucrative! Did I mention she has a quiz to help you find your “secret sauce”? I wanted to hate it, but honestly, the results gave me a jolt of inspiration.


Mark Manson gives a solid dose of tough love in this article, but it might just be what you need to pinpoint your passion. He takes a lot of advice we’ve all heard before (look to your past, you already know what your passion is, just go ahead and give your passion a try!) But Mark spins it in a way that is fresh, honest, and makes sense. There’s some NSFW language, but it’s worth the short read and unique perspective.


Whether you’re in college, just graduated, or like us, are a few years past college, Angela Duckworth’s advice is just as relevant as ever. She gives my favorite piece of advice in this article: pinpoint your core values by writing a eulogy. Put another way, what would you like to have written on your tombstone? I promise not all of her advice is that morbid, but sometimes all it takes is some introspection with a fresh perspective, and things will fall into place.



Oprah, we love you, but this article misses the mark. Maybe it’s because the target audience is older than millennials and, therefore, the concept of passion has not been thoroughly drilled into their brains, but the advice here reads more like a generic motivational article than a guide to finding your passion. This is a great article if you’re just beginning to think about your passion and have no idea where to start, but for most millennials, I’d recommend looking elsewhere.


In general, I’d recommend steering clear of Lifehack. This article in particular gives advice so broad that it’s not at all useful. “Is there something you already love doing?” If there was, we wouldn’t be looking for passion advice! My personal “favorite” tip from this article is “Brainstorm.” That’s it. That’s the advice.


My advice to our readers and listeners looking for helpful passion resources, look for resources that offer specific, concrete advice with a unique perspective. This might seem a little obvious, but when you’re feeling lost or frustrated with the search for your calling, even overgeneralized advice can start to sound profound. This only ends up causing more frustration down the road when you realize you are no closer to your passion than before.

I hope this article gave you some new content to aid you in your search for passion, and I hope you can use these examples of bad advice to narrow down your search to only the very best resources!