14 tmw we get excited about finances


Show Notes:

Would You Rather:

  • pay off your debt or go on a vacation
  • worry about money or worry about happiness
  • buy now and pay off over 5 years or save for a year and buy cash

Getting Excited About Finances:

  • What “finances” mean?
    • Definition – the management of money
    • Spending and saving
  • What are some basics of finance?
    • Don’t spend more than you earn
    • 50/30/20 rule
      • 50% goes to bills – rent, water, electric, phone, etc.
      • 30% goes to wants – a sweater, a concert, your daily coffee, etc.
      • 20% goes to future goals – a house, schooling, a corgi, etc.
    • Don’t let your future-self take care of your current-self
    • Have an emergency fund
  • Why should I be excited about finances?
    • If you don’t have them under control, it’s going to be a constant weight on your mind.
    • “You’re going to feel so much better about your life and your situation, but not only that it’s going to help you move forward and achieve your goals.”

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