A Starters Guide to Investing

If you haven’t heard already, our resident investment guru, Alyssa, was on this week’s episode of the podcast. She had some great tips for how to get started with investing, but she had even more she didn’t get to!

So here are Alyssa’s idea’s for where to start if you want to learn more about investing!

Helpful Websites:

Motleyfool.com– Great for current events, stock picks, and general investing advice

Investopedia.com– Investment terminology explained along with some informative and comprehensive videos


The Motley Fool Investment Guide– Introduces terminology and basics in a way that is not completely boring

A Random Walk Down Wall Street– Informative and helps explain markets, metrics, and investing tools, but definitely text-booky

The Intelligent Investor– Written by Warren Buffet’s mentor and even more text-booky

The Big Short– Not really helpful for investing, but explains the mortgage crisis of 2008 and is a really great read (referenced in the episode)

 Investment Apps:

Stash– Good if you want to start really small. They let you buy fractional shares, but charge $1 a month in fees. Also easy to pick ETFs or funds where you may not need to do as much research in the individual holdings.

Swell– Invests solely in Socially Responsible companies. $50 min investment and 0.75% annual fee. Another where you just invest in a themed fund based on the sector in which you want to invest.

Robinhood– My personal fave and the only one I use outside of a traditional brokerage. Plain old brokerage account, so you would need to research you own funds or stocks or whatever you are planning on investing in, but NO TRANSACTION FEES! The only catch, I have discovered, is that it takes about 2 weeks to cash out money if you end up needing to do that.